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Hailing from Northwest Ohio, Brad Babcock will be taking a seat behind the drums to back up Mark and his all-star band. Brad first picked up a pair of sticks at age 10 and has not slowed down since! Raised on a steady diet of rock legends like The Who, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd, to his more recent musical heroes of Tool, Rush, Dream Theater, and Porcupine Tree, Brad has a love for rock music and rock drumming like no other. Brad has been active in his local and regional music scene for over 10 years now and is currently a member of 3 active bands in addition to playing with Mark Mikel. He has been a part of numerous recording projects and performed countless times in the region. His main band, Monstrosadus recently released its debut album and is currently working on a follow-up concept album. Brad runs a small project studio where he offers recording and private drum lessons and also teaches at a local school district serving as the band program's percussion specialist. Brad feels very fortunate to have been picked by Mark to play drums for this momentous occasion and cannot thank Mark enough for all of the encouragement and respect that he has given him and many other local musicians that he has “taken under his wing”. “Mark is a living legend in this area and it is truly an honor to share the stage with him!