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Jeff Kollman's diverse guitar style, which fuses jazz harmony with Modern heavy music, is influencing a new generation of guitarists across the globe.

Kollman has been voted among the top 20 favorite guitarists in Young Guitar Magazines readers poll along side the likes of Santana, Jeff Beck, and Edwin Van Halen.  Besides his worldwide guitar hero status, Jeff is an in demand session guitarist, co writer, and producer for rock legends.  Jeff has played and or recorded with a diverse many such as, Jill Scott, Ufo, Glenn Hughes, Lao Tizer, Michael Schenker, HTP, and with his groups EdwinDare, Cosmosquad, JKB,Mogg/Way, Crumb Bros. and more.  On his own label, Marmaduke Records, Kollman has written and produced 14 solo and band recordings and a recent DVD release with his group Cosmosquad, which was recorded live in Hollywood and released in July 2008.  Jeff is also busy writing songs for film and Television.  Credits include Sahara, Failure to Launch, Clerks 2, Fantastic 4, Eight Below, Rounders, Slither, Reaper, and Showtimes "Masters of Horror" series to name a few.

An avid fan and collector of Fender guitars,

Kollman signed on as an endorser of Fender and has spent a great deal of time educating and spreading the spirit of rock n roll through Fender.  In 2008 alone, Jeff's latest venture is his 70's influenced rock/funk group, "The Bombastic Meatbats", featuring the legendary rock drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Kollman:  "I'm honored to be sharing sharing the stage with Mark Mikel and this great band he's put together for the 35th Anniversary concert in my hometown this coming Saturday. .. I've had the opportunity to work with many talented singers, songwriters and producers in this business in the past 20+ years and I still believe that the genius and depth of Mark's song writing and production far exceeds anyone that I've had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with. Well I have yet to work with Paul McCartney but.........
Toledo ,Columbus, Cleveland &Detroit f.b. friends - yes that's you I'm talking to. Please don't email me in 2 weeks asking when you ever coming back to the midwest.. Arghhhhhh
It's gonna be EPIC!!!!"