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About Mark...  

Mark Mikel at the "Cavern Club" Liverpool, England.



   Mark Mikel, singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist is an international recording artist actively performing and recording new music.


    Spanning over three decades, Mark Mikel's musical career has far surpassed the average musician. His resume consists of at least five bands, countless albums/CD's, and literally hundreds of original songs. Here, you will find Mark Mikel's vast musical repertoire, show dates and future endeavors.

Official Biography:


     Mark Mikel grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and has been making music much of his life.  In the late 70’s through late 80’s, he played with a group called Marikesh, releasing an LP, “Love is What you Want”.  In the early 90’s, Mark released two solo CD’s, “Sorghum Pudding”, and “The Idiot Smiles”. With his new band, The Mark Mikel Hallucination, he also released “Blatant Ripoffs”, a tribute album to other Toledo rock groups.  In 1996, this band eventually became The Pillbugs.  The Pillbugs put out several CD’s, (debut double CD, The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream, Happy Birthday, Buzz for Aldrin, Monclovia, and Everybody Wants a Way Out.)  During this time, the band received international recognition, along with mentions in USA Today, The London Sunday Times, and NPR.

   Known for his studio wizardry, he has produced numerous albums not only for himself, but also for many other local bands. Other productions include TV program soundtracks, and TV/radio jingles for national and local businesses; most notably, the “In the Zone” soundtrack on Fox TV network, (1997). He and his recording partner Scott Hunt, released a new CD in August of 2011, self-titled “Dark Ocean Colors”, and a second one was just  released in May of 2013, "Close Enough to See". Also, a new 35th Anniversary 4-disc boxed set containing early recordings from September 1978- July 1979, entitled, "Yesterday's Window" was released on September 2, 2013.  Plus, a new album by the sunshine pop group, "The New Love Express" with Mark producing and participating also was released in September 2013.

     In his hometown of Toledo, he is a studio hermit and rarely performs live there.  However, Mark just finished a small solo acoustic tour of the UK including a few performances at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.  He has recently put together a new electric group to play a career-retrospective show.  This new group consists of guitar wizard Jeff Kollman (Cosmosquad, The Bombastic Meatbats), legendary keyboard and multi-instrumentalist, Bill Hubauer (Neal Morse), one of a kind bassist and old bandmate Ian McCormack (Marikesh), musical genius Zak Freed (Zunk) and up -and-coming young dynamo drummer, Brad Babcock (Monstrosadus).

     This show is a celebration of Mark's 35 years of recorded music, and the release of a  new 4 CD Box Set entitled, "Yesterday's Window 1978-'79"  released on September 2, 2013.  A Concert to celebrate this milestone was held on November 23, 2013 at the Maumee Indoor Theatre, Maumee, Ohio.