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The Pillbugs (1996 - 2008) (2015 -?)


March 2, 2015 via FACEBOOK

Hello friends!  Yes, we are still working on new recordings, and it's been surprisingly good.

We have quite a few almost-finished songs (nothing's never really considered finished

until it's sent to the manufacturer.)

Some songs are still untitled or maybe just working titles, but here's some of the names

of the tracks so far:   Segue Dream Sequence, This Is A Wrap, Eye To Eye, Frozen Shoes, 

All Down The Spiral, Mrs. Sneed, Here In A Daydream, Queen V, Hypothetical Compromise, 

The Woman From No Return, So Far Away From The Sun, Last Hit And Another Sip, 

Dangerman, You Really Need A Little Love.

We're really having fun doing this, and we're not putting a cap on it yet...however,

the music is wonderful and we can definitely promise another album by THE PILLBUGS

in the very near future!

Tune in Every Sunday at 2:00pm Eastern time (US), for 

"The Pillbugs Power Hour "on



The Pillbugs was an American neo-psychedelia power pop/indie pop group that emerged on the indie music scene in the late 1990s. Based in Toledo, Ohio, the band consisted of Mark Mikel (vocals/guitar/keyboards), David Murnen (vocals/percussion), Mark Kelley (vocals/bass), Scott Tabner (guitar), Dan Chalmers (drums/vocals). It has released 5 albums under the credo "the world's most psychedelic band." "I don't know if we are or not," said Mikel, "We thought so when we first formed. It was just something to draw attention. It probably isn't completely true." The group went on hiatus after the tragic death of band member Mark Kelley from lung cancer.  (from Wikipedia)

Official Biography


The origin of The Pillbugs can be traced back to January of 1991. That's when Mark Kelley first called Mark Mikel up and asked him to form a new band. Kelley brought in drummer Dan Chalmers and Mikel brought in vocalist Dave Murnen and a guitarist who would eventually be replaced 4 times until they found the perfect fit with Scott Tabner (a mutual friend of Kelley and Mikel's).

They became The Mark Mikel Hallucination and started performing shows around Toledo. In 1996 after a respectable amount of local recognition and radio airplay, Mikel wanted to create a new identity for the group. "They deserved to be seen as equals and not just my backing band," Mikel said, "I came up with the idea of The Pillbugs and that we'd go WAY deeper into psychedelia. We released our first album on CD in 1998 on our own label (Omniphonic). I believe it was the first debut release to contain a double CD's worth of new and never-before-released music. Until someone proves me wrong - that's what I believe. The point is we wanted to make something people had to notice." This first release took off very slowly but eventually (with the help of the internet) became a somewhat sought after CD.

The The second Pillbugs CD "The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream" (originally another double set) was completed in early 2001. With no real money to put behind it, it sat on the shelf until 2003 until later when they signed with indie label (Proverus). "Proverus had us strip down the album to 1 CD (a brilliant move actually) and then we inserted a 3D Viewmaster reel to make it really crazy," Mikel reveals.

That album was released during the summer of 2003. Proverus helped the group get a lot of notoriety (especially on the web) and also helped to book and manage gigs. 3D sold out of the first run in a matter of 2 months (most of them going to Japan). That was successful enough for Proverus to want a follow-up. The next summer they released their 3rd CD "Happy Birthday" though dark times were looming.

Mark Kelley had been diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer in 1999. By the time "Happy Birthday" was released in August of 2004, Kelley had lost his voice completely and could hardly stand on his own two legs.

Knowing there wasn't much time left, the 5 friends took to recording one last album together. "Buzz for Aldrin" sessions began in Sept. 2004, just as Mark Kelley took another down turn and was admitted to the hospital. Recording continued with The Pillbugs not knowing if Kelley would ever return.


He eventually did return and was able to contribute the bass guitar to most of the album from his wheelchair- with a permanent breathing machine surgically attached to his throat. Then the studio recording equipment broke down and it was in repair for over seven months. "By the time the guy got around to fixing it," adds Mikel, "Mark Kelley was past the point of being able to record with us. It took me a long time to get back into the groove and finish the album."

"But we eventually finished it though the recording sessions seemed jinxed from start to finish."

To provide the right grandeur for the release, The Pillbugs employed renowned California artist Mark Roland* to supply the CD art.

The new Pillbugs double disc set "Buzz for Aldrin" was released by Proverus on June 19, 2007.

The Pillbugs signed with Rainbow Quartz and their first CD with RQ, "Monclovia" was released on Oct. 30, 2007.

Sadly, Mark Kelley passed away May 3, 2008 after a nine year struggle with lung cancer.  The band went on an "indefinite hiatus", and later that month, they officially announced that "The Pillbugs" have broken up.

"Everybody Wants A Way Out", their second rainbow Quartz album was released Nov. 10th, 2008.