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Mark Mikel's




The physical Box Set is available now!

Please contact us at Contact/Booking Page to order yours today!

  On September 2, 2013, celebrating 35 years of recorded music, a new 4 CD Box Set entitled, "Yesterday's Window 1978-79" was released. 

 Click on the album cover below to purchase the downloadable (at 96/24 or below) and streamable versions of all four discs. Refer to the right-hand column for episodes 2, 3 and 4.



September 2, 2013 - On Mark's 52nd Birthday, he wrote,

"35 years ago today I recorded my first multitrack recording because my parents bought me a Teac 4-track machine for my 17th birthday. I know I promised the celebratory boxed set on Sept. 2 but the hard copy will take just a little longer. However, under the wire, here is the downloadable (at 96/24 or below) and streamable version. Follow this link to Bandcamp and there are 4 new albums worth of songs from the late 1970s ("Monsters In The Sea', "Spiders In The Basement", "Music In Your Eyes" and 'Murals In Your Head"). Recorded during my senior year at E.L. Bowsher High School- the same year I flunked music theory. ;) Featuring some appearances from all the guys from Marikesh (Scott Tabner Ian McCormack Dan Rhyand) plus a 19 year old pre-Damien Chuck Stohl and more. Many of my old high school friends will probably remember many of these. Also I'm going to perform a 35th Anniversary Concert at The Maumee Indoor Theater Nov. 23rd at 8pm. Along with the same band performing with me on the Progressive Nation at Sea 2014 ( Jeff Kollman, Bill Hubauer, Ian McCormack, Zak Freed, Brad Babcock and The Monclovian 1st Irrational String Quartet). We'll be performing songs from the Marikesh days to lots of Pillbugs to the present. Tickets are $25 and are on sale now!  Go to the "November 23rd Concert" page, or for tickets and details. Thank you very much, my "friends."